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Coping Methods

Find resources and tips on how to cope with mental illness. P.S. I am not a licensed professional counselor or other healthcare provider. None of this constitutes as medical advice. I am just a fellow sufferer of depression, and want to share different strategies I’ve tried as well as new ones I want to explore more.



Jesus is the bringer of all hope. On this page, find devotionals and reflections to help you better connect with our only true Savior. Don’t worry. We won’t tell you to “just pray more.” Jesus Himself said we would face many struggles in this world. He didn’t deny that life is hard. But He also said, “Take heart, for I have overcome the world.” So we want to hang out with the Overcomer!


Stories and Interviews

Coming Soon! — Have you ever felt alone? You’re not! Read here about others who have also struggled with depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses.


Poetry and Creative Writing

I love just… writing! Read some of my stuff here. Fresh perspectives and sometimes just plain old processing.