Why You Should Be Showering at Night

Why You Should Be Showering at Night

Sleep Experiment

Week #2:

Bathe Before Bed

Hey everyone! We’re back for week 2 of our sleeping experiment! Last week, we learned about the 4-7-8 breathing technique. This week, we’ll talk about taking a hot shower before bed!

The Basics

Studies show that taking a hot shower or bath before heading to bed helps you sleep better. When you move from the warm temperature of the shower to the cooler temperature in your room, it sends a signal to your brain that it’s bed time. Check out Greatist’s post for more of the science behind this!

The Experience

To shower or to take a bath? That is the question! Well… not for me, because strangely enough, I hate baths! So shower it is!

And I must say there is just something incredibly delightful about a hot shower on a cold January night!

It just feels like the whole rest of the world disappears for a moment and you just hear the rushing water and feel the warmth that melts away the weight of the world. It’s amazing!

P.S. I know they say hot water is bad for your skin, because it dries it out. But I’ve never noticed a huge difference…. So it doesn’t bother me. But also be careful about not scalding yourself and, if using super duper hot water, limit your exposure time…. (The pragmatic part of me feels the need to include that statement for liability reasons!)

Whenever I did shower at night this week, I definitely noticed a difference in the speed at which I fell asleep. It was much faster!

Why you should be showering at night, and how to set a bed time routine.

Here’s why I believe it’s better to shower at night:

  • It helped me fall asleep. As I said above, warm rushing water is sooo relaxing! I go to bed without the stress of the day, because the water washed that stress right down the shower drain! And going to bed without as much stress is definitely a plus!
  • I can take my time in the shower. If I shower at night, then the next morning I won’t have to experience the panic of oversleeping and the great debate it causes: arrive at work late but clean, or arrive on time but smelly…?
  • It makes for super fast morning hair prep (if your hair is long and flowing like mine.) I can french braid my wet hair, let it dry that way over night, run my fingers through my hair in the morning, and then simply add some hair spray. Quick hassle free beach curls that look fantastic! Maybe only two minutes of morning prep time required.
  • I can sleep in longer. And that, my friends, is glorious! I’m definitely a fan of sleeping in longer! Since I don’t have to worry about a shower or hair prep, that shaves at least half an hour off my morning routine.

So What Now?

Well, I have definitely seen the benefits of showering at night. But I’m so used to showering in the morning, so I’ll need to work hard at changing that habit.

A Good Bed Time Routine

8:00 pm – Brush my teeth and start showering. Enjoy my time in the hot water, and get out by 8:30pm at the latest.

8:30 pm –  Put on pajamas and french braid my hair.

8:45 pm – Pick out my clothes for the next day and do any final tasks in preparation for tomorrow.

Meal prep.

Gather any out-of-the-norm items I’ll need and pack my bag.

Check the weather forecast. That might change my ideas on what to wear the next day.


9:15 pm – Put away the phone. Turn off the overhead light and use the lamp on my night stand. The dim lighting is another signal to my brain that it’s time for bed.

If I’m ahead of schedule, I may use this extra time to tidy up my room just a tad. This is not a time to get distracted by other things, but just to throw any dirty clothes into the hamper, gather any books or papers into a stack, and take any dirty cups to the kitchen sink. 

9:30 pm – Set my alarm. Get into bed and start reading a book.

10:00 pm – Lights out.

To me, that sounds like a great routine! Although the idea of beginning to get ready for bed at 8pm seems… so early! But I really think it would help me out. It would decrease my stress, provide consistency, and help cater to a more peaceful morning. 

Did I miss anything?

What do you do as a part of your bedtime routine? Have you noticed any additional benefits to showering at night? Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you! And don’t forget to come back in about a week for the next addition of our sleep experiment!

Ok, well, signing off now!

Sleep well, my friends!

Michelle Louise

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  1. Well, I took a hot shower tonight and followed it with slathering almond oil on my skin to keep the dry itchies away. My hair is braided and my teeth brushed. I’m about to give Daisy her treat. Then it’s time to read for a few minutes followed by lights out at 10:30. Planning on at least 9 hours of sleep tonight. Pleasant dreams!

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