Seeking a New Homeland

Seeking a New Homeland

She was looking for it: the Promised Land. A new beginning. A new homeland. A place where she could dwell in peace, with a new future.

She still remembered where she came from. She remembered that place of abuse, constant fear, and apparent powerlessness. It took her so long to realize that she could leave that place and go in search of a new homeland. She knew the journey would harbor great challenges and a multitude of obstacles. But she wouldn’t give up.

Looking at her, you could tell she wanted to keep moving forward. Yes, there were some days she thought of turning back, some days when she hesitated, but instead she chose to cling to the promises of Him who is faithful. She assured herself that her hopes would come true. She had faith.

If she had been thinking about the land that she had left behind, she would have had the opportunity to return. But as it was, she desired a better country. She knew her Maker had prepared a city for her. And so she set out, though she knew not exactly where it was. But she knew He would lead her.

Hebrews 11

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