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Month: December 2015

The Whisper of Hope

The Whisper of Hope

Mire… a stretch of swampy, boggy land.

To be mired down… to be stuck in the mud.

It’s been one year now. One full year in the mire. One year trapped in this mud. My friends tell me to just pray some more. Just keep reading the Bible. But the mire tells me: that’s not an option. And I feel consumed by it.

There is hope. The sun glimmers behind the clouds. Slowly. Surely. Steady.

I am surrounded by this mud, sinking in it, but by chance my eyes lift up and I see the sun glimmering behind the clouds. The sun is still there. Everything around me is gray and black, but there… there is light… just behind the clouds….

It’s just a glimmer. A faint promise of better days. And it’s enough to keep me going. Just a little longer. 


Thanks for reading my post! This was the first post I ever published on this blog, and it shares the vision behind our name, Hope Mire.

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